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tv   News4 Today  NBC  February 11, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EST

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but detectives say surveillance video told a different story. they reinterviewed jones and she admitted to lying because she owed a relative money. there have been three other robberies on o or near the campus in two weeks. the trial of a man federal agents call one of the most dangerous men. jason killed two mothers and daughters in 2009. he's serving time for a crime spree including burglaries, home invasions and sexual assault. he used a computer at the ups facility where he worked. laurel residents got brown water and it -- the leak started saturday near van dues en and virginia manor roads. crews closed the roads to work on the damaged pipes. if you live in this area, we're told the water is safe to drink but you should not use it to make baby formula or wash dishes.
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let's get a first look at our forecast. around the region, meteorologist tom kierein here with the forecast. >> it's an umbrella morning. good morning. starting off this morning, we've had waves of rain coming through since around midnight. right now still getting light to moderate rain in washington. right now, montgomery county into howard county getting some of the more moderate showers. the areas in yellow. the darker green, prince george's county. northeast, southeast washington. farther west, just light rain in fairfax county, stafford, spotsylvania, fauquier. still getting the showers moving southwest heading northeast that will be with us off and on through much of the day. it's all above freezing but it's a cold rain. only in the mid and upper 30s. farther north and west, it's near 40 in southern maryland. we'll have our temperatures holding steady in the mid and upper 30s through 7:00.
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low 40s by 8:00. a lingering chance of a shaur for noontime. ought to climb into the 50s. we'll look at the afternoon into the evening coming up in ten minutes. coming up right now with your first 4 traffic, danella, good morning. >> good morning. pretty quiet out. checking an accident earlier. i-95 southbound near the rest area. but it's clear. travel lanes are open heading north and southbound. getting by without issue. pretty wet out there. you want to give yourself extra time. towards the springfield interchange, no problem in either direction. the beltway, over the wilson bridge and your trip towards i-95 northbound in maryland, you are clear. as you take the beltway in prince george's county and montgomery county, no issues to report. over to you. the time is 4:32. angie goff is at the live desk with breaking news. >> homes are wrecked a dozen
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people hurt. look at this video. this was captured near hattiesburg, mississippi. that's home to the university of southern mississippi where the storm mangled some of the campus buildings. here's what we know right now. the storm caused what's being called major damage. but there are no reports of any deaths. once the sun does come up, crews from the national weather service plan to be out and about to survey the damage. at the live desk, angie goff, news 4. right now, thousands in the northeast still have no power after this weekend's blizzard. overnight the number of homes and businesses in the dark dropped to 150,000. many of those are in hard hit massachusetts. that is less than a quarter of the outages from saturday. people from pennsylvania all the way up to maine got as much as 3 feet of snow. the storm is being blamed for ten deaths. transportation leaders hope air and train service will finally be back to normal by the end of the day. airports in new york, boston and
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connecticut are slowly restoring flight service. the flight schedules are close to normal. amtrak trains are running limited service between new york and boston while the t system is set to reopen this morning. some, though, are still stuck. we've been trying to get an trains, planes and automobiles for the last day or so. >> we're working hard to make sure that the t is fully functional by the morning commute. >> people in the northeast aren't out of the woods yet. forecasters say ice and freezing rain could move in over the next few days. now to the developing story of the manhunt in california. police in los angeles now offering $1 million for information on an ex-police officer suspected of murdering three people. police yesterday evacuated an l.a. home improvement store. he is accused of shooting and killing three people and injuring two others in a rampage that started last week. investigators believe other lapd officers are in danger as dorner
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published manifesto saying his firing is the reason for the attacks. >> there are over 50 lapd families that have not only security but surveillance in and around their neighborhoods. these 50 families are targets of dorner's and are likely victims. they announced they would reopen the investigation into his firing in 2008. today president obama will honor a hero from the war in afghanistan. he'll award former staff sergeant the medal of honor. he and his fellow soldiers battled for more than 12 hours when their outpost came under fire in 2009. eight americans died. he will be only the fourth living service member from the war to receive the medal of honor. he'll be the guest of the first lady for tomorrow night's state of the union address. the looming budget cuts will play prominently in the
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president's speech tomorrow night. $85 billion in cuts will take effect automatically on march 1st if congress and the white house can't come to an agreement on the budget. americans blame the president for the looming cuts known as a sequester because the white house proposed them in the first place. democrats say the cuts were meant as a threat. >> when the president proposed a sequester, it was as an incentive to those of us in congress to work together in a bipartisan basis to solve these problems. it was supposed to be so awful that the super committee would finally reach a bipartisan agreement. but because they completely reject the revenue, it never happened. >> i'm questioning where this thing is going, because he's not moved in any serious way. but we remain anxiously waiting for him to come to the table to work with us to solve this problem. >> bottom line, you could live with the sequester if it happens. >> i don't want to live with the sequester. i want reductions in spending that make sense. >> president obama has urged congress to come up with a short
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term fix by the end of the month until lawmakers can reach a more extensive budget plan. president obama also continues to clash with republicans over the attack at the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. south carolina senator lindsey graham is threatening to hold up the confirmation for the picks of the penitentiary govern -- pentagon and cis. today the white house will get more input on how to crackdown on gun violence. vice president joe biden will travel to philadelphia for a roundtable discussion on gun safety. law enforcement agents will be a part of that meeting. so will congressional leaders from pennsylvania as well as deputy attorney general james cole. the vice president has been the obama administration's point person for the debate over gun control in recent weeks. a local church is robbed from comfort and joy. how thieves left a congregation in the cold. that's straight ahead.
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♪ ♪ 10:00 today. tickets go on sale to the general public for beyonce's concert at verizon center.
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is this music video? >> yes, it is. should watch more music television. she'll be here on july 29th. it's part of her mrs. carter tour. she's married to rapper jay-z, their last name is carter. tickets start at $11 $112. tickets will sell out quickly. >> you know she's going -- >> are you familiar with that song or that video? i'm not. i need to bone up on pop culture i suppose. >> it's going to be fun. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. tom kierein here now with more on your forecast. tom? >> you'll need an umbrella heading off to work and school. not when you get back home. woodbridge, prince william county, sun breaking out in the mid-50s. we'll have the rain off and on until early afternoon. here's how we look for the rest of the day. quite a bit of cloudiness. and clearing out into the evening. by then, our temperatures back into the low 40s by midnight.
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a look at the next seven days in ten minutes. danella has a look at traffic now. good morning. we'll head to -- first bw parkway and i-95, travel lanes open between the capitol beltway. i-270, no issues will. nice and clear in both directions. a live look in clarksburg awe i make your way to the beltway. aaron, no issues to report. over to you. a local church congregation forced to bundle up after the work of thieves. the mishap that has hundreds much cruise ship passengers stranded at sea at this hour ♪ their night to shine. a look at the big winners and performances from the grammy awards that will have you talking this morning.
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i'm angie goff at the news 4
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live desk. a carnival cruise ship stranded off the mexican coast after a fire on board. the coast guard is communicating with the crew as tugboats make their way to the ship to tow it 138 miles back to port. no one is hurt after the engine room fire and right now the ship continues to operate on emergency power. it's getting supplies from another cruise ship that is on scene. the triumph's next two trips scheduled for next week we're hearing have been canceled. angie goff, news 4. a safety drill on the thompson majesty cruise ship in spain on the canary islands. the crew was on a lifeboat when the cable snapped causing it to flip and plunge into the water. none of the passengers on board was hurt. developing news out of chicago. police say two suspects are in custody in connection to the killing of 15-year-old hadiya
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pendleton. that news comes one day after first lady michelle obama attended her funeral. the young teen was killed in chicago after performing at an inauguration event in d.c. the two were taken into custody early sunday morning. the suspects are being questioned but no formal charges have been filed. friend and family will pay respects to the former navy seal who came to be known as america's most lethal sniep every. thousands expected to attend the memorial service at cowboy stadium in dallas for chris kyle. kyle, who also wrote the best selling book "american sniper" was killed at a texas gun range. he was 38 years old. it was a chilly sunday service for members of the a local congregation. after thieves got away with the heating system. members of the church in arnold maryland say someone ripped off the heating pump about two weeks ago. police are still looking for the suspects. in the meantime, the kmur is waiting on word from the
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insurance company while the congregation tries to raise money. >> we're making due. it was a tragic loss to us. for us for the church and also for the community. >> in the meantime, an emergency heat system keeps key parts of the church warm enough to use. officials estimate it will take tens of thousands of dollars to replace the pumps. 13 before the top of the hour now. joe paterno's family is making another push to clear the late football coach's name. his family released a you report it commissioned that looks at former fbi director louie freeh's investigation of the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal. dick thornburgh contributed to the paterno's family's report. he says freeh's report was a rush to injustice. >> the fact of the matter is, there was no conspiracy. there's no evidence of any conspiracy. there's no evidence that anybody at mr. paterno's instigation was asked to not report things or
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told to cover up things. as i said, he was the one who reported the 1991 incident to the authorities. so there you go. >> freeh says he stands by his report. you can see dick thornburgh's entire interview with news 4 on you'll see a link at the top of the video section. the maryland terrapins have will close to a week to prepare to face duke and get over their disappointing loss to the virginia cavaliers yesterday. uva dominated the terps 80-69 in college park. of the cavs made 11 of the -- they dropped maryland to 5-6 and 17-7 for the season. they have a chance to rebound next saturday evening when they take on the hated duke blue devils. that's at comcast center. this morning, injured world cup champion lindsey vonn is recovering from surgery. she shredded ligaments in her knee when she wiped out at the championships in austria.
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her doctors say the surgery was successful and expect a full recovery. she hopes to be healed in time to compete in next year's winter olympics in sochi. starting today, the if you remember will fly in new york. the 137th yule westminster kennel club dog show kicks off at madison square garden. take a look at these guys. more than 2700 dogs will strut their stuff in hopes of winning best in show. organizers say this year's event will showcase pooches from all 50 states and several foreign countries. you can watch live coverage of the westminster dog show tonight from 10:00 to 11:00 on cnbc and on the usa network. the owners of these dogs spending big bucks to make sure they get the best food, toys and training. apparently, they're not alone. the american pet products association estimates that pet owners spent about $53 billion on their furry friends last
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year. that's a 30% increase from five years ago. owners are buying everything from luxury pop bag. it what it is. >> it is. >> to massages. last year the average dog owner spent about $1300 a year on checkups, boarding, food and toys. >> i'm not surprised. i know dogs that live better than i do. seriously. >> i want to know what a luxury pop bag is. >> maybe it's bedazzled. who knows? let's turn to tom kierein. let's just do weather, tom. how about that. >> thank you for that setup. this morning, we're starting off with that kind of weather for some people. it's feeling sort of ha way. as we take a look now, we have light cold rain. how is that to start your monday? greeted by a cold rain.
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a few scattered light showers in virginia and west virginia. the metro area getting light rain. all the roadways are wet from heavier showers. running in northern anne arundel, it's moving north and east. lighter showers southeast of washington. prince george's county and into anne arundel, calvert and charles. st. mary's, it's tapering off. a little light rain across fairfax, as well as montgomery county, loudoun and into the panhandle west virginia and frederick county, maryland where the temperatures right now are in the mid-30s. closer to washington, upper 30s. that's prince george's. arlington, fairfax and montgomery as well as the district of columbia. parts of southern maryland near 40 degrees. we have mild air to the south sweeping in later today. between now and noon, expect that occasional light cold shower. we're just going to have temperatures near 40 degrees by 8:00. by noontime, most of the rain ending. just clouds ing erg. but still a chance of a passing
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shower in the low 50s by then. by mid-afternoon, ought to hit the upper 50s in much of the area during the afternoon. that rain ending and clearing out down to the 30s. near 50 on tuesday afternoon. bit of a blustery wind. lots of sun tomorrow. a weak area of low pressure coming through and looks like a combinations of cold rain, sleet and wet snow. don't anticipate a lot of accumulation from the snow on wednesday. ending wednesday night. on thursday, we'll get a partly cloudy sky, highs upper 40s. a look at friday into the weekend. sunny friday. then over the weekend turning much colder. morning lows 20s. afternoon highs only in the 30s. could get a few passing flurries on saturday. saturday night and again on sunday. i'll be back in ten minutes. now with first 4 traffic this monday morning, here's a look. danella is here. good morning. >> good morning, tom. traveling in our area, still pretty quiet this monday
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morning. checking things out on i-66. past sully road, eastbound and westbound, no issues to report. outside the beltway, 66 looks good inside as well. same story. a live look at spout run parkway. as you continue your commute, no issues to warn yourself about. in ten minutes i'm back and we'll check the rails then. aaron and eun, over to you. >> thank you, danella. a new generation of singers are celebrating their big win at the grammys. >> a folk rock group took home the top prize. >> and the grammy goes to fable mumford sons. >> they won for babel. they turned out for the grammy awards. >> goatier. >> kimble won for somebody that i wrood to know. didn't know the name of the group. the group fun walked away with
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song of the year for we are young. kelly clarkson, got that one, she won best pop vocal album. >> i didn't know i was going to win because i literally was so excited to be in a category. fun, i've been covering you all summer. i love that song. i love pink. i love everyone that i was in the category with. >> kelly clarkson. adele won for best pop solo performance with her song set fire to the rain. she came in her grandmother's sofa. what is that in. >> she wears black all the time. i thought she looked lovely. i love adele. love mumford and sons. kelly clarkson, fun. >> she should be covered in plastic with that dress. >> be nice. >> keep it clean. the space shuttle may be history but nasa is keeping busy. how the latest launch today could help us keep better tabs on the planet. at 5:20, the encouraging
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developments in the fight against teenage pregnancy. >> putting the power of your iphone into a device you can wear on your wrist. the perfect bouquet for your
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valentine's day is a few days away. florists across the country are gearing up for one of the busiest days of the year.
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new advice for lovers who want valentine's day to be perfect. tip one, do not wait. place your orders to make sure your special someone gets his or her flowers on time. buying local is the best way to ensure that your flowers aren't dead and wilted by the 14th. before you buy, of course, watch news 4 at 5:00 tonight. because liz crenshaw will show you that not all roses are created equal. my favorite are peonies in case you need to know, aaron. >> dual noted. gas prices continue their rise towards $4. the national average $3.58. seven cents more than a week ago. d.c. drivers paying $3.74, five cents more than a week ago. virginia is at $3.46 for a gallon of regular unleaded, which is up .07 on average. maryland six cents higher than a week ago at $3.59. virginia up two cents compared to last week, drivers paying $3.65. virginia governor bob mcdonnell will try to sell his
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transportation plan to people in our area. he'll be at mcclain to lay out the impact plan on northern virginia. the governor wants to eliminate the commonwealth's gas tax and raise its sales tax to generate billions of dollars for transportation pro yekts. his proposal would raise vehicle registration fees. the house signed off on the plan. a senate committee will now take up the house version of that bill. metro wants your help as it tries to develop future plans for the transit system. they're holding meetings to get feedback on the strategic plan called momentum which outlines better and faster service for riders. the first meeting tonight at 5:30 at the treetops conference center in hyattsville. another meeting tomorrow in northwest d.c. and a third meeting on thursday at 5:30 in henderson middle school in falls church. sources close to one of the


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